what’s the story, morning glory?

This is Nelle is a lifestyle blog, strongly focused on a knack for pop culture.

This blog was born out of love for words and a need to express myself (safely behind a computer that is, ha.) whenever I feel like it. As a person constantly confronted with questions regarding her single life, a non-existing child wish, an obsession with film (that some, for some peculiar reason, still think weird in a girl), and a lack of knowing (yup, still) what I really want to do in life and so on and so forth, it became a passion of mine to write about these sort of things to find and support like-minded people. To show that regardless of leading a slightly atypical life, we are definitely making the most of it while we crave the EXTRAordinary. Not the ordinary.

And besides, that one-too-many given remark “but… Star Wars is for boys, innit?” called for immediate action.



Basically the slightly weird one since 1989. Fan of films and pop culture in general, addicted to rearranging interior and occasional over-thinker AND over-sharer. Going off-book is a personal talent of mine, although society still tends to call it a ‘flaw’. Cats, not kids. Not a settler. You can thank fictional characters and an independence-focused childhood for that. Passionate about the environment and animal welfare, which is why I’m a vegetarian.

Loves: Movie Nights, Coffee, A/W, the colour green.