about my cats



Named after: Joe Strummer (singer/guitarist of The Clash)

Cutest habit: being the little spoon, placing his paw on my face and falling asleep like that, tummy rubs, loudest purr ever.

Most annoying habit: knocking over plants, mugs, etc. He’s the clumsy one, yes, but he sometimes does it on purpose. Classic cat. Also: meowing like crazy every second he’s awake and doesn’t get attention. Jeez, mister.



Named after: Princess Leia Organa from the Star Wars saga, of course!

Cutest habit: Leia knows exactly when I go to bed and always comes to get me just to make sure I keep to her daily bedtime-cuddle schedule. She even likes tummy rubs more than Strummer does, too.

Most annoying habit: scratching the sofa. Mind you, they both do it for attention, but at least Strummer looks like he just doesn’t get what he’s doing wrong. Leia, however, she knows. Oh, she knows.

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